On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 11:30:13PM +0100, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> > Heheh :)  Thanks :)  I was having this issue with suffixes, see,
> Did you see a specialist for that? ;)))

Yeah, a suffixecialist :)

> For the problem of suffixes, you should take a look at my conlang Azak
> (there's a grammar of it on the web, if you can read a bit of French :)) ).

I can read French surprisingly well for someone who can't read French :)
I'll be going along just fine until I get to one of those words that
means something different in English, or one of the little ones with
four vowels and only one syllable... and then it's time for Babelfish :)
(Which, for the phonology of Moten, was happy to inform me that the letter
"With, has", named "has", IPA [ has ], was pronounced like the "has" in
"patte" :)

> It goes all
> the way, using only suffixes for all grammatical matters (even numbers are
> suffixes :) ).


> The stress is on the second syllable. It's pronounced
> [m@'gE:l] :) . "magaggel"? I have to find a way to use this one ;)))) .

Do, by all means :)

> Well, I'd say (from what I know of Japanese), that "wa" (I use this semi-
> phonetic transliteration :) ) corresponds to your |i-| topic marker: it refers
> to new information, or at least to a topic different from the one before,

I would say that "ga" does that, not "wa", at least how I understand it.

> I guess sentences will be as difficult to parse as nouns :))) .

I think at the sentence level, the real challenge will be in *constructing*

> LOL, talk about a pro-drop language :))) . In Japanese you can drop nearly
> everything out ;))) .

Yes, then you're left with "...", a very popular sentence in manga :)

> Well, you can find examples on my webpage. It's too late here for me to begin
> even a concise explanation on overdeclination in Moten, but if you can't find
> enough info on my webpage, I will try to post something about it tomorrow :) .

I started to read about Moten, but forgot that I was there to look up
overdeclination, and ended up reading about particles instead :)

> It may indeed be a good idea, especially seen the verbal system of Moten ;))) .

Well, I'll just go and see what Babelfish has to say about that then :)