Okay, all you ravenous beasts, here is the promised double batch.


topic: genitive relatives (or whatever the "whose..." clauses are called)

1. president
2. office
     The president whose office is oval has moved to the country.
     (I swear this juxtaposition was random)
3. trap
     The hunter whose trap was empty is angry.
4. operate
     He operated on her.
     He knows how to operate a well/pump.
5. idea
     Whose idea was that?
6. blame
     The girl whose dress is torn blames you.
7. descriptive
     The guy whose writing is very descriptive will probably win awards.
8. upright
     It stood upright against the wall.
9. everything
     Everything is as messed up!
10. own
     The old woman who owns that cat is really mean.
     I can barely see my own hand in front of my face.


topic:  how to disambiguate (if at all) 3rd person referents

1. life
    She owed her her life.
2. journey
   Their journey to visit their friends was long.
3. brick
   He gave his brick to him.
4. merry
   She was merry all day at the festival.
5. fail
   He failed to save him.
6. approve
   He approved his request.
7. jaw
   Their jaws were bruised from fighting their enemies.
8. hardship
   He thought his hardship too great to bear.
9. whatever
   Whatever she did, she was not happy.
10. goods
   Their goods were locked on their wagon.