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> A conlang to murmur only? Or to pronounce with the mouth as closed
> as possible?

mainly created because of boredom (at school).

> Although it's probably completely unnaturalistic, the idea is nice.
> I'd like to
> see more of its grammar.

<everything lines up really nice if you use a monospace font>


      Nominative Accusative  Dative        Genitive    Instrumental
sing. -,-,-      -s,-z,-s    -ws,-ls,-ns   -m,-N,-n    -nT,-nD,-mv
dual. -S,-Z,-S   -S,-Z,-S    -wS,-lZ,-nS   -mS,-NZ,-nS -nS,-nZ,-mS
plur. -n,-n,-n   -ns,-nz,-ns -wns,-lnz,-ns -mn,-Nn,-n  -nTn,-nZn,-mvn

adjectives have the same ending as the noun they modify.


past         -n
present      -
future       -w

perfective   -T
continuative -l
futurative   -Z

subjunctive  vw-
desirative   mN-
obligative   Tj-
imperative   Z-
optative     kR-
abilative    Zn-

word order is strictly VSO

> Christophe.

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