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> > That last gives me an idea: the next time I come up with a language name, I
> > should try basing it on a misunderstanding, instead of a word for language.
> Hey, what a great idea :)  Now I want to invent a language so that I
> can name it "whatever you're selling, we don't need any" (it would be
> polysynthetic, of course, to fit that all in one word :)

Well, you dont have to phrase it so bulkily :-)

In Trentish it could be as short as AppenŽxini Ngaswutlokko--it's prescriptively
bad grammar, but it's roughly "your (Ž-xini) stuff (appen) isn't (kko) needed

> (Hmm, that sounds kind of like something that would be in a Pratchett
> book...)

    *Muke!  (who just finished reading _Night Watch_)