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> Hey, I wonder if this is another conlanger trait.  I've been known not
> to
> recognize a good friend *while I was in his dorm room talking to him*,
> just
> because he'd got a haircut!  (I thought I was looking at a stranger
> and
> talking to my friend, who I thought must have been standing around the
> corner.)

Well, that's a strange one! I'm not that bad :)) . I myself tend not to
recognise people on the street, but that's only because then I'm usually deep
in my thoughts and I don't really see them. I also have problems recognising
voices on the phone, but it's not that bad (it's only true for people I don't
have often on the phone).

In general I'm good at recognising faces, when I pay attention :)) . On the
other hand, I have a hard time remembering names... I remember at school I
never managed to remember the name of everyone of my class, even after one
year. And in my laboratory right now there are still people I would be hard
pressed to name, although I recognise them by face easily.


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