En réponse à Rob H <[log in to unmask]>:

> Hello everyone,

Welcome! (damn! Once more somebody managed to get in front of me :((( . That
will teach me to have to go to the hospital :))) ).

> I just decided to join this group, as I saw it was
> more lively than the Artificial Languages 2 group.

It's quite lively indeed. That's what makes it so nice ;))) .

> Conlanging has been an interest of mine for about a
> year now, although I have no really developed
> languages (by my standards).  However, I'm about to
> embark on a new project that hopefully will take off.
> I don't want this one to be a solitary thing, though.
> So if anyone would like to work with me on creating a
> new language, e-mail me ([log in to unmask]) for more
> details.

Well, I'm too busy for that (having difficulties to find even the time to work
on Maggel), but I'm sure there will be someone else interested :) .


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