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> Although I am capable of offering a Yûomaewec transliteration, and
> although this would be fun, and although they already support
> frivolous
> languages such as Elmer Fudd, I *still* can't square such an offer
> with the requirement that "you agree not to abuse the Language Program
> by providing automated or inappropriate translations", as quoted from
> <>. It's a moral dilemma :-)

I take it to mean that your translation should be correct in the target
language and really translate the English original. And I guess a translation
in Curse-wordese wouldn't be considered "appropriate" either :))) . As for
forbiding automated translations, well to me it's rather obvious (although a
Babelfish version of Google could be funny ;)))) ).

> There's no similar dilemma about Maggel, though :-)

LOL! Since they accepted "Hacker", the Maggel orthography shouldn't scare them
that much ;))) .


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