"Donald J. HARLOW" wrote:

> An article of that title, by Donald Broadribb, at
> It's originally from the "International Language Reporter".
> -- Don HARLOW

(...) Thus, where Esperanto forms from the adjectival root bel
the abstract noun belo (beauty), in Ido
the noun formation belo must signify a beautiful thing.

The man has not made his homework. In _ido_ "belo" means a
beautiful person, doesn't it?

Beleso is beauty.

I would say that Ido is Esperanto for French people. It is
typical that it was French Esperantists who argued that "belo,
bono" could be what we earlier had called "beleco, boneco".
(Waringhien et. al.) as I understand it.

I am very happy if someone might correct me, provided I am

Kjell R