Je 05.52 atm 2002.11.24 -0800, Bjorn MADSEN skribis
>--- Donald wrote:
> > ... Chinese Esperanto speakers
> > (estimated in 1988 by their own
> > government as numbering around a million), for
> > instance, cannot, without
> > very special dispensation, purchase books from
> > abroad at all ...
>A million Chinese speaking Esperanto should be a good
>base for a local Chinese Esperant publishing industry.

Assuming a million Chinese Esperanto speakers would prefer to spend their
money on books in Esperanto rather than in Chinese ...

But, of course, there _is_ a fairly prolific Chinese Esperanto publisher
(the C^ina Esperanto-Eldonejo). The Esperanto League for North America
currently has a sack of their books en route. Again.

(And, of course, there was whoever published the Auld book and the half
dozen other books, not available in the international market, about
Esperanto that I bought off the shelf while in China.)


Pasis longa voj'
Iri ĉi tien de for;
Pasis longa temp',
Sed alvenas mia hor' ...