David Peterson wrote:
><<>Hmm..well, speaking an RP-ish ideolect, I'd say that alveolar /l/ is
> >and well.  However, David Peterson obviously has screwy English ( just
> >kidding).
>Good to hear!>>
>You guys...  I'm not talking about a velar /l/, but a velarIZED /l/.  But
>anyway, if RP means "Rightpondian", then I must say that I'm a Leftpondian,
>and am only speaking for that part of the Leftpondian shore which I occupy
>(which we would be the leftest side of all).  But yeah, if you take a
>of my mouth making an /l/, you'll see the tip at the alveolar ridge, and
>another bulge at the velum, always.  I don't like it, but what can I do?
>you speak with all [l]'s (that's SAMPA now), it sounds like you're making a
>funny voice.  Girl I know does it to sound proper and patronizing and
>to great effect.

I think I've consistently written "velar_ized_"?

I'm not sure I can produce a proper _velar_ lateral, but if the horrid sound
I hear when I try is a such, then I wouldn't want to characterize it as an
/l/ at all.

The variant of English I speak has both velarized and "normal" /l/s. The
velarized ones occur in some post-vocalic positions (I can't figure out any
sensible rule right now), for instance in "all" [O:5] (but not f'rinstance
in "Al" [{;l]).


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