> I took Jan's advice and created a <a
> href="">crappy webpage</a>
> to display some sample text. It's at
> and it has > three short
> examples with translation. Check it out.

Bah, it's not that crappy.  I particularly like the purple divider bar

What I do question, though, is your page border.  It's clearly a narrow
repeated image that's supposed to spread across the screen such that you
get a border on one side, or maybe both; the problem with this is that
it's incompatible with higher browser resolutions.  There are two
solutions to this:

Set your background in a table; this is ugly HTML and hard to pull off

Use CSS to control your background tiling.  Powerful and clean.
Unfortunately, has a little bit of a learning curve.  On the other hand,
CSS also allows you to have nice things like indented paragraphs, fancy
paragraph capitals, controlled page margins, and more.

Now I have a question on your script:
How does one tell where one character ends and another begins?  In your
examples, they all seem to run together in a very confusing manner.  If
you have space relationships indicating the relation of characters to
one another, I see no reason to have the characters linked redundantly.
If you had unlinked characters, in fact, you could have neat
link-symbols that showed the role of the relationship, as well as the
existence of one.

shreyas sampat