--- In conlang@y..., Padraic Brown <elemtilas@Y...> wrote:
  > --- Aidan Grey <grey@F...> wrote:
  > > 1. me, I
  > >     It bothers me that she is late.
  > Me, molez-me que gouens sempeor espoz.
  > Me, it bothers me that she always comes after (time).


That's Kerno, right?  It looks intriguing, but I'm at a total loss to
pronounce it...  some X-SAMPA would be helpful!

  > beuyont alch geont la ciay la cina
  > mangeiont alch geont y faues la lima;
  >      pe' ne m' molestyont
  >      que faciont
  > doazque y facyont in rima.

And you still have the bad habit not to translate your sigs.  ;-)

-- Christian Thalmann