> > For precise info I need to consult grammar books. I've never been
> > much interested in analyzing Russian. For me it's enough
> that I don't need
> > to learn such a monster as a foreign lang :-D
> Indeed, indeed.  Which is why when I did know any Russian (20 years
> forgotten), I could only speak in the past imperfective.

Which is indeed common - why are English speakers having trouble with
the Russian past perfective? Indeed, most I've met do!

> There is a Russian short story (author/title forgotten also) about
> a night watchman who is always cold.  He needs to order a set of
> fireplace pokers, but unfortunately he doesn't know the genitive
> plural.

One story I can remember off the top of my head is by Mikhail
Zoshchenko, and even though it is not about a night watchman, it *is*
about the gen. pl. of _kocherga_ all right.

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