--- Adrian Morgan skrzypszy:

> Belgium, according to more than one reliable source.

> According to a children's book about inventions called "What If?",
> French fries were invented by a Belgian who accidentally dropped his
> potatoes into the wrong cooking utensil, but served them to his guests
> anyway. When they asked for the name of the new dish, the inventor's
> answer was "Pommes frites".

Don't forget that not all frites are automatically French fries. Belgian
frites, the way I know them, are long, thick, greasy, and yummy. French fries
are much smaller and usually not-so-well-done. I know them basically from
McDonald's and they taste exactly the way you could expect from McDonald's:
little taste at all, and you can eat tons of them and still be hungry.
Dutch fries are somewhere in the middle between those two (both in size and in
taste). I don't care much for them, but they are not bad.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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