--- Nokta Kanto skrzypszy:
> I'm new here,

Welcome to the List!

> I've been looking through the archives a bit.  I've been working on an
> artistic conlang for a while, and mine seems to diverge quite
> radically from most of the constructed languages I've found.  It looks
> like most constructed languages start with phonology and grammar. My
> language is entirely written (the language has no associated sounds), is
> made of ideographs, and lays out words on the page according to their
> relationships rather than queueing them with prepositions and
> inflections to mark case. It is (approximately, since words are not in a
> true sequence) a VSO language.

Interesting. That means that you can write in it, but you don't have a clue of
how it sounds?

> So far, I haven't found any conlangs like
> this. Does anyone here know of any similar conlangs?

Not at first hand.

> The other thing about my language is that I find that 80% of the online
> material about the process of constructing languages does not apply to my
> own language. I'm forging new ground in this process (is that a mixed
> metaphor?). Is there any advice on constructing this kind of language you
> could dispense?

Well, if it is really new ground, then probably it is you who should give the
advice :)

> I would have liked to post a picture, but I know no place to upload to.

If you don't have a website, it's quite simple to create one. Go to, create (if necessary) a Yahoo profile, and open a website. It
provides all the tools for uploading files, too. The whole process will take
you maximum 15 minutes.
After that, hurry to send us the link. I'm quite eager to see you language.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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