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Christophe Grandsire scripsit:
> > > And didn't hamburger come from the Tatars?
> >
> > I don't know about this one.
> Yes, indeed.  They devised the raw version ("steak
> tartare"; see
> It's pretty important to go to a butcher and get an
> appropriate
> (i.e. tough but tasty) cut of meat ground for you,
> and not just buy
> preground God-knows-what.  You can also use a knife
> and whittle away at
> the meat yourself, of course.

hmmm ! looks really complicated. i've made steak
tartare myself, using the :

1 bung some minced up beef, an egg, chopped onion,
capers, salt, pepper, oil, and anything else you fancy
in a bowl

2 mix thoroughly

3 serve

method, and it tasted pretty much like the tartares
i've had in even quite posh french restaurants ( well,
the restaurant at the centre beaubourg . . . )

btw, can a francophone tell me what this sauce
anglaise they speak of is. it's sounds a bit scary (
and is probably another false foreigner ! )


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