Jeffrey Henning jarhe:

>A survey of my own--
>1. Do you regularly use language-gen software?
>[ ] Yes  [X] No  {place an X in the appropriate box}

No, not "regularly". But I have, and might do so again. So I'll answer the
next one as if "yes".

>2. If yes, which one?


>3. What do you like about the language-gen software you've looked at?

It generates words, and transforms sounds. That's all I ever needed it for.

>4. What do you dislike?

I don't like getting error messages that I don't understand. Subscript out
of range? It gives this when I close the program, as if it were a reason it
can't save my changes. But the changes are saved anyway. Odd.

>5. What would you all like to see in such software?

What you wrote about "morphological word formation" would be brilliant.
Also, with a language like Rhean, there are few phonological constraints.
With what combinations ARE allowed outnumbering by far those which are NOT
allowed, I'd like to be able to tell it that "everything is allowed
except ..." rather than having to give all the permitted combinations.