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> > a page of Scots prescriptivism written in
> > Scots.
> Well, mostly the personal opinion of the
> author!

Ha! I read again: "Although both in speech and
old texts the distinction isn't always totally
clear, a writer should be aware of such

My dictionary doesn't make this distinction
either. One problem with a language (continuum)
like Scots is there _isn't_ a standard yet one
can get all prescriptive in. There are regional,
local and register differences; and no national
"good" standard to "look up to" as it were.

The author also dances a jig to the piper's reel
when she states several times that she goes
against her own dialect's useage (e.g., the
step/stap, hurl/harl bits); but will berate
someone else for perhaps not seeing the same
distinction between thole and dree she does. Bad

Thanks for the link, though! I'm always on the
lookout for Scots to read!


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