On Sat, Jan 11, 2003 at 03:15:13AM -0500, Roger Mills wrote:

> Re _Always Coming Home_, I suspect only the hard-back edition included the
> tape (CD?); it wasn't with the paperbk. edition, nor, IIRC, was there a
> glossary.

I didn't know there was a hardback edition.  The edition I have was
published by Harper & Row as a, whadyacallit, trade paperback? in a box,
like a boxed set, only it was a book and a tape.  Its ISBN number was
0-06-015456-X for the box set, 0-06-015545-0 for the book inside.  It
is out of print.

The currently-available-in-stores version is published by University
of California Press, ISBN 0520227352, and has no tape (Todd Barton is
still credited, though, which is odd).

As mentioned in the email but reiterated here for convenience, the tape
is (or was in 1985 anyway) distributed by Valley Productions, P.O. Box 3220,
Ashland, Oregon 97520.  It's called "Music & Poetry of the Kesh" and would
be listed under Todd Barton.

I'm listening to it now and there are a lot of intros ("background
conversations") that are not written down in the booklet, including a
storytelling-by-the-fire part probably done by LeGuin which leads into
a young father's lullaby to a fretting child.  The story fragment is
tantalizing.  I wonder if I could write it down and whether all its words
are in the glossary.