Steg Belsky scripsit:

<<<It's called "conversion".  :-) .  The term Yitzik used, 'giyyur', is the
Hebrew word, which i can't remember ever encountering in a non-Hebrew
context before. >>>

Yes. Conversion. In English it sounds right. I used the word "giyyur" only
because among Russian-speaking Jews it is just a common word, at least
nowadays in ex-USSR. You can meet it not only in mass media or web
discussion boards, but even in everyday speech. While ppl start talking
about Judaism in Russian, the speech becomes just overloaded with technical
terms of Hebrew origin.

ObConlang: On the contrary, since religion [Islam] is a part of Rumiya
cultural background, most of the terms in the area of religion and
spirituality there are of Arabic origin, even among not numerous Rumean
Christians. [Alert: this is an alternative timeline]

> -Stephen (Steg)