Keith Gaughan scripsit:

> The Egon cycle is, as I discovered from Christian Thalmann, similar to
> Michael Moorecock's Eternal Hero cycle. To be honest, I got the basic idea
> of a soul bouncing around time and space from seeing Quantum Leap once and
> from reading Nietzsche more than anything else (eternal recurrence) and
> never read any of the Eternal Hero books until after Christian mentioned
> them. Why does this keep happening to me? :-)

Because there actually is a total order of words, which it is the business
of philology (a cover term for linguistics and literary criticism) to
study, and which we no more invent, individually, than we invent the
external world, or total order of nature, which it is the business of
natural philosophy (a cover term for biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy,
geology, etc.) to study.

> No. I've heard of the SCA, but what's the Mythopoeic Society?

A group interested in the works of Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and some others.

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