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> Christophe Grandsire scripsit:
> > "Alouette" is just the French name for "lark". Admit the word sounds
> > better in French :))) .
> Very true.  But "lark's vomit" [lA:kswOmIt] sounds much more appropriate
> as a candy ingredient in English.

WHAT??????  <G>  I'm not getting a reference, here, I don't think.  Candy
Ingredient. Hmmm.  Joke??  Word in a foreign language?  German?  lakswomit.

"Meadowlark" is a beautiful word for me."

Sally Caves
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Eskkoat ol ai sendran, rohsan nuehra celyil takrem bomai nakuo.
"My shadow follows me, putting strange, new roses into the world."