Yes, well, it's not very likely to happen here.  The list I did that on,
there were two relevant factors: everything was allowed, and everyone
replied to me and everyone else in gigantic 30kb type messages (I posted
everything separately -- 15 messages in a single hour, because I was sending
15 different links).  I was also home all day, as it was a school break, and
I only worked about 25 hours a week (at a movie theatre in town which was
only *open* 25 hours a week).  Now I have a different problem; people are
forever saying things like "Sarah, your posts are just way too long."  I
think things changed the day I realized that I could write a 7-15 page paper
at 2:30am, turn it in at 9:30am the next day, and get an "A-" and a comment
that read "this is the best paper I saw in class."  The minus came in
because I went 3 pages over the 15 page limit, and that was with .75"
margins and 10pt font AND 1.5 spacing instead of double.  ^_^  I sympathize
with Lt. Cmdr. Data of Star Trek: TNG; I can't help "commenting" on

What is this "conculture" list?

Sarah Marie Parker-Allen
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"There are some things that it is better to begin than to refuse, even
though the end may be dark."
-- J.R.R. Tolkien

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> Egads!  Five thousand e-mails in a single month?  You'd singlehandedly
> push the list over the 100-post-a-day limit if you did that here.  ;-)
> Actually, we're a spin off of Auxlang.  Spinoffs of this are Conculture,
> Romanceconlang, Celticonlang, and I think there may be a few others,
> too.

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