This is two messages on this thread combined. For those who read
threaded, I apologise. But it does cut down on the messages a bit.

Christophe Grandsire wrote:

>Slaviconlang, Eastasianconlang, Westasianconlang, Germaniconlang and (La)
>TeX/METAFONT-for-Conlangers. There was also the NGL list (but this one I'm not
>on :)) ), and I may be forgetting a few others. Conlang has created quite a
>community since its beginnings ;))) .
Oh? Where's this (La)TeX/METAFONT-for-Conlangers one? And why does it
deserve bracketing, slashing, hyphenation, prepositions and capital
letters when the others don't? By rights it ought to be
texmetafontconlang. I guess it's because of the superiority of (La)TeX
:P I'll assume Omega, Lambda, Gamma, ConTeXt and other derivatives are
on-topic too :)

And (conj. not name) also wrote:

>Grrr... my French heart is terribly wounded by this sentence! ;))) Seriously,
>you probably hate more the American way of teaching French than French itself
>(which has little to do with what those know-it-alls pretend it's like). By
>staying on this list, you'll learn soon enough about the "true" image of
>French, since it's one of the ever-returning subject of this list :)) .
Is there any way we can find out about this without going to our local
library, find they have nothing in the Linguistics section barring a
handful of dictionaries and a book or two on Old English and Strine, let
alone Modern Spoken French, go to the local bookshop and find they make
the library's collection makes a treasuretrove, and so on.

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