Robert Hailman:
 > > Again with the French. :-)
 > > I used to be a rampant French-basher, but Christophe
 > > speaks the truth.
 > > It's really not the dull, useless language you learn
 > > in school.
 > > Wait, am I defending French? WHAT HAS BECOME OF ME?!?!?

 > well, I LOVE FRENCH
 > so there

I went through both phases. I took six years of French (7th-12th grades)
and adored the language. After high school, though, I got into my "more
exotic" phase (Greek, Turkish, Czech...) and dismissed French as plain,
boring, and uninteresting. Now that I've passed 30 and come to my senses
about a lot of things, I have (re-)realised just what a fascinating,
beautiful language French is and how much I really do love it. The
problem is that a decade of not using tha language at all has caused my
abilities with it to deteriorate to a very pathetic level. I can still
read with a dictionary, but it takes a *lot* of time, and I can barely
speak or write it anymore. I could kick myself.

 > > Uh... erm... nasalized vowels still make me want to vomit.
 > > Or something like that.

Heh. You ain't seen nuthin till you get into Portuguese! Not only nasal
vowels, but nasal diphthongs! Yeah!