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> > If you're using Windows XP (and possibly other Windows OSes)
> hitting CTRL and
> > the *right* shift key simultaneously turns on RTL input.

yeah, i think that's what happened.  i'm using Windows 98, btw.

> > I kept doing this accidentally, myself... recently I found that it
> can be
> > reversed by hitting CTRL and the *left* shift key

so that's why i couldn't figure out how to reverse it.

>, and enter, which is just above the shift key, hit at the same
> time as
> ctrl, sends the message you happen to be typing...


> Um.
> Incidentally the standard cursor has a little hook on the
> upper-right which
> indicates the direction the next character will appear in (if you
> switch to
> Hebrew input, for example, it will reverse).

yeah, i noticed that (i was experimenting with hebrew input yesterday)

>     *Muke!

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