John Cowan scripsit:

<<And now, for your listening pleasure, some Latin/English macaronics.>>

This kind of language game was popular among seminary students in Ukraine in
18th century, and is well parodized in several passages of a famous work by
Ukrainian literature classic Ivan Kotliarews'kyj "Aeneas into Ukrainian
travestita" (Virgilijeva Eneida na malorossijskij jazyk prelozhennaja).

Here is a sample:

from part IV, Aeneus' envoys speak to King Latinus:

| A e n e u s  n o s t e r  m a g n u s  pan-u s
| I slawnyj  T r o j a n o r u m  kniaz',
| Szmyhliaw po moriu, jak  Tzyhan-u s,
| A d  t e, o  r e x! pryslaw  n u n c  nas.
| R o g a m u s,  d o m i n e  L a t i n e,
| Nechaj nasz  c a p u t  ne zahyne,
| P e r m i t t e  z*yt' w zemli swojej,
| Chot' za  p e c u n i i, chot'  g r a t i s,
| My diakowaty budem  s a t i s
| B e n e f i c e n t i i  twojej.

Latin words spaced, interlinear below:

* Aeneus noster magnus lord[us]
* and glorious prince (of) Trojani,
* wandered along the sea like a Gypsy[us],
* ad te, o rex, he sent nunc us.
* Roganus, domine Latine,
* let our caput not perish,
* permitte to live in your land,
* either for pecunia(s), or gratis,
* we will thank you satis
* for your beneficentia.

Enjoy it!
Mr. Kotliarews'kyj has more!