Hello people!
It's Yitzik again with his new report. Sorry for silence last Sat night, I
was too far from my dear comp...

Review #4, two weeks from Dec 29, 2002 to Jan 11, 2003
Welcome to Conlang workshops; the links are mentioned here too!

Group names given in alphabetic order.

74 msgs.
Main topics:
- Reconstructing Gaulish;
- Celtic sources materials;
- Distinguishing m. and f. in personal names;
- beer :-)
New projects: Manoeg

East Asian Conlangs:
39 msgs.
Main topics:
- Bauhinese phonology;
- a new idea - Bahasa Vijaya - a language of the Buddhist empire in Western
Pacific, with Singapore as its capital! and other alternative realities like
Swedish Philippines (Hi, I'm Bjorn Riksberg from Manilla!)
New projects: Bluish

11 msgs.
Vivisecting English - fun or crime?

45 msgs.
- Discussing Fortunatian, Daisilingo,
- Quality and quantity of vowels in Latin
and, finaly,
- GREET SABRINA and her APOSTERIORI project Ninfeano!!!

is still not active.
I keep on reminding you that actual nomenclature of languges is wider that
the group name; it includes in addition Greek, Albanian, Baltic and Uralic

West Asian Conlangs:
Not very active - 10 msgs. Mea culpa!
The main topic - How should you present a language with Arabic script on the
Web to make it readable for more people?

That's all for now. Keep on working, colleagues!
With all blessings,