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>> > has been discontinued. So maybe "[a]" has taken over that spot?? But
>> > then, what is the low central vowel?
> Turned a. In IPA, [a] is the low front unrounded vowel, while [6] (the
> turned a) is the low central unrounded vowel called "open schwa".

The problem with that is that the open schwa isn't fully low.

>> I'm glad you brought that up, Roger. What you've described was pretty
>> much what I learned originally (except that I don't remember the
>> specific symbols). That was one reason I was confused when I joined the
>> list.
>Would you have learned the Americanist system rather than the IPA?

Certainly _an_ Americanist system, or maybe several mixed together. The
readily available books didn't use IPA at all, except for the occasional
inclusion of a microscopically small chart with no explanation!