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> Christophe a Karek (the wise) sekalge:
> [snip all, sorry; people will just have to read the original]
> So there's one noun marked as being most important, and the verb
> identifies its function and case?

Since case normally marks a noun function, just say "function" is enough. But
you are basically correct. The trigger (called this way because it "triggers"
the form of the verb) is marked only as being the most important in the
sentence, and the verb tells its function.

 I'm trying to be absolutely certain
> that I understand.

I think you understand perfectly.

Maybe you should also look at the archives, especially at posts from Kristian
Jensen. There have been plenty of discussions about trigger systems on this
list in the last few years. And you can also look at my Itakian in the archives
for an example of trigger conlang :)) (until Kristian finally uses the account
I gave him for Boreanesian :))) ).


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