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> >
> >How many of you invent a language based on a particular type
> (Ergative,
> >Accusative, Trigger, etc.)?
> Ergative would be interesting, now that I've learned (from the List)
> more
> about how it works.  A trigger conlang I suspect would simply be a copy
> of
> Tagalog and its cousins.  What more can be done with that?? Worth a
> try
> maybe.....

Don't you remember my Itakian? Noun classes, register tone (with lots of tone
sandhi and lots of sandhi anyway ;))) ), verbs partially agreeing in class with
the trigger noun which is marked only by a high tone on his first syllable,
prepositions which attract the class prefix to them, word order indicating
aspect (Verb-Trigger: perfective, Trigger-Verb-Mandatory Direct Object - which
is excluded in the perfective aspect and whose function depends both on the
verb and the function of the trigger -: imperfective) nominal sentences used
for plenty of cases like subclauses and interrogative sentences, 13 different
functions which can become trigger, with some animacy hierarchy built in the
agreement between the trigger and the verb, etc...

What did you say about trigger languages which can only be copies of
Tagalog? ;))))))


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