Sarah wrote:

> > Here's what I have at present (well, a sample); it > > was designed to be spoken by elves and snooty humans.

And then Sally wrote:

> Smirk!  For some reason, this last phrase really > tickled me!  Are elves snooty, too? <G>

I don't know about Sarah's elves, but my Nolltod (the
speakers of Cein) are a snooty-ass bunch of elves. Not
very surprising, since they're basically Noldor who
started their own community a bit more up north in
Middle-earth. And the Noldor aren't exactly renowned
for their humility. :)

I haven't decided yet if they're gonna be more snooty
(is that even possible?) or less snooty than the Noldor.
On the one hand, they did leave the rest of the Noldor,
perhaps because they thought the original Noldor were
too stuck up. On the other hand, the Noldor do speak
Sindarin these days, and i Ddolltod actually speak a
direct descendent of Quenya. They even still call it "Quenya", though in their mouths it comes out as "Cein". :)

Daniel Andreasson

"Go Gollum! Go Gollum! Go Gollum!"
 - Lords of the Rhymes