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> >
> Oh? Where's this (La)TeX/METAFONT-for-Conlangers one?

 And why does it
> deserve bracketing, slashing, hyphenation, prepositions and capital
> letters when the others don't?

Because it looked nicer than "TeX, LaTeX and METAFONT for Conlangers". The
capitalisation of TeX, LaTeX is mandatory in ASCII, as well as the one of

 By rights it ought to be
> texmetafontconlang.

The group address is latex-for-conlangers. And I disagree on the name you give
because it is much too bland and nobody would find the group using such a name.
The mention to LaTeX is mandatory.

 I guess it's because of the superiority of (La)TeX
> :P I'll assume Omega, Lambda, Gamma, ConTeXt and other derivatives are
> on-topic too :)

Of course ;)) .

> >
> Is there any way we can find out about this without going to our local
> library, find they have nothing in the Linguistics section barring a
> handful of dictionaries and a book or two on Old English and Strine,
> let
> alone Modern Spoken French, go to the local bookshop and find they
> make
> the library's collection makes a treasuretrove, and so on.

Unfortunately, literature about true Modern Spoken French is lacking... I guess
you just have to ask an enlightened L1 speaker like me (or somebody else who is
not irremediably corrupted by the classical teaching of French grammar ;)))) ).


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