--- Eamon Graham skrzypszy:

> To re-assure my French audience, I wasn't really inspired by Nikos
> Aliagas, as cool as he may be.  I have several ideas for Gaulish
> based languages, and I've recently become fond of Greek.  A merging
> of the two could have some (con-)historical basis too.  Mostly, I
> think it would be fun, and as I'm going to study koiné in seminary
> anyway I might as well get used to the language.

Well, it's certainly an interesting mix. And BTW, I don't know why but there
seem to be awfully little conlangs based on Greek. Strange, I you consider how
much Latin has inspired people, and how relatively well-known Greek is.
AFAIK Ferko is working (or thinking?) about a Slavo-Greek language.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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