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> > Better, but inappropriately so.  A little stewbird ought to have a
> name
> > more
> > like "lark" or "pigeon", as opposed to "alouette", which ought to
> be
> > something more along the lines of a squid or something slimy.
> "alouette" for a squid?!!!! What in the sound of [alu.'Et] gives you
> a slimy
> idea? It feels like lightness and small size (due to the -ette
> diminutive
> ending) to me! Also, such a cute word would never fit such an animal
> as you
> describe!

i would guess it's probably the [u] followed by [e].  it seems slimy to

> Strange mind then... I actually find "lark" very inappropriate. It's
> too harsh
> sounding for such a cute bird.

what do you think is harsh sounding about [laRk]?

> Christophe.

Robert Wilson
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