Jan wrote:

> Let's shake hands then. A few days ago, I posted a message in which I wrote
> that I perceive conlanging mainly as a visual artform, but I got a strong
> impression that I was the only one. At least I'm not alone anymore.

Actually, I have to agree too. Conlanging is a very visual form
of art, IMHO. I love how a word can look on a paper. And for me, the beauty of a word lies not so much in how it's pronounced, but in how it looks.

I mean, _aleanda_ looks like a beautiful "mellifluous" word.
But when pronounced, it might not sound better than for instance
_ktaya_ or _gzarotka_.

You don't really *speak* a conlang. You just write it and read it.
At least, that's how *I* conlang. So if a word *looks* good, is much more important to me than if it *sounds* good.

Just yesterday I imagined having a huge paper (like 1.5x1 m.) on
my wall as a painting with just a single, but beautiful, word on it. Small, pretty font, perhaps just 24pt. That would probably look amazing.

Just my 2 öre.

Daniel Andreasson