Jan van Steenbergen <[log in to unmask]> 2003.01.09. 19:09:13-kor írta:

> Well, one thing that just popped up in my mind, is... what is the Hungarian
> word for country? If I remember correctly, is should be "ország".
> That should sound similar to the Dutch word for cause: "oorzaak",
> pronounced["o:rza:k] or ["o:rsak].
> How 'bout that?
It also looks like the Swedish word for cause, "orsak", pronounced ['&S,ak].

You're right, I just simply don't know Dutch or Swedish, and German has no similar word. Anyway do they mean the same???
Though they are similar I wouldn't say they come from the same source with "ország", eh? ;-))))

I lúme vin deí asi mosted!
May Heaven give you its grace!

Balazs Sudar <[log in to unmask]>