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> Actually, I'll be honest -- it's almost every list I've ever been on.
> They're generally characterized by having a half-dozen or fewer active
> participants, and by being heavily oriented towards off-topic
> conversations.

Well, here the number of active members is closer to 40 than to half a dozen,
but it's true that the amount of off-topic conversations is high. Although in
some strange way, I find that nearly no subject on this list is really off-
topic (we once even had a discussion about which subjects hadn't been discussed
yet on the list. And we discovered IIRC that the number was extremely
low!!! :))) ).

I generally prefer to read a lot and occasionally
> pipe
> in with my own stuff.  I consider it a bad sign that I'm already over
> 150
> messages behind here.

Plain normal. We *are* talkative people. Imagine if you subscribed also to the
daughter lists of this list, where the same people (plus others) tend to meet
again, and talk also a lot!!! :)) I'm doing this right now, and I can tell you
that I receive as an average one mail per minute during the day ;))) .


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