Jan van Steenbergen eskribiw:

<<Wouldn't you care to post a list once of your P1-P27, along with a short
description? I've lost track!>>

I promised to do it after the Sabbath. Here you are!

List of abbreviations:
[A] - under Active design
[B] - a sketch ("Baby")
[D] - Dormant
[E] - an idea, a conlang at Embryonal stage
[G] - Gains my attention from time to time
[M] - much chaotic Material
[N] - a posteriori (Naturalistic)
[S] - a priori (from a Scratch)
[X] - abandoned (X-crossit)

#01 -[N, A]- Rumiya (Rumean). An Ibero-Romance language with heavy Arabic
cultural impact. My major attention now.

#02 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed slaviconlang. The only representative of Central
Slavic languages: lying between W. and E. with slight admix of S.

#03 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed romanceconlang. Trends: phonology more like
Spanish, vocabulary more like French.

#04 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed semiticonlang. Arabic plus Hebrew divide into

#05 -[S, E, D]- an unnamed project with Armenian flavor. A sample phrase:
[eS'matsi 'tug] - "I eat bread".

#06 -[S, B, D]- an unnamed Caucasoid. Weird experiments with phonology.
Sample phrases:
['k?MmE 'tS_jaqwE fM'Z_jEXa 'dzaga] - This nice woman is standing.
['sMmE 'mZ_ji5a S_ju'rEXa ga'Xus_du] - That merry girl is not asleep.
[ga || k?M'wEXa 't_dagand_dM | 'tKEnd_dE] - No, this is not bread, but milk.
['5EXa 's_dunMkwE 'dZwanEmM ga'fat`M] - She doesn't wash brother's shirt.

#07 -[N, M, D]- Eelenglisc. Old English survived (with certain changes)
till nowadays free of French influence. A purely Germanic English with
Icelandic as a prototype!

#08 -[S, B, D]- an unnamed project with African flavor.
Sample phrases:
Chis nde mb. - This is a house.
Na goso bumi nde mai miki kp. - There are few trees in this forest.
E nde shuma be asa b? - Is she working or having a rest?
Sagba nde nzaya ch da tsolagbi. - The elder is leaving for the city.

#09 -[N, E, D]- Do you remember annoyant Mr.Zhong? This is an anti-Zhongist
jokelang! Take English, French and other European monosyllabic words and put
them together in Chinese-styled grammar!
- Ai nt t pk mt. (I don't eat pork). Bat ai t kao mt. (But I eat
beef). Sei it m eng foa! (Say it one more time). Y hom f? (Is your home
far [from here]?)

#10 -[N, E, D]- Te Toki Kuman. A Spanish pidgin.

#11 -[X]- The only phrase survived: abinaindiska - 'he is making me go'...

#12 -[N, E, D]- an unnamed attempt to design one more IE conlang out of
traditional groups, close to Germanic-Baltic-Slavic triangle with certain
Italo-Greek parallels.

#13 -[N, M, X]- an attempt to make something from Romani (Gypsy). No

#14 -[N, E, D]- language mix of "exotics": Quechua, Ainu, Basque, Maori etc.

#15 -[S, E, D]- an unnamed Chinese-styled project. May merge with #26 one

#16 -[S, E, D]- an unnamed project. Main features: allophonic variation and
sandhi  la Tamil, labialized consonants as separate phonemes found in
auslaut. May merge with #14 one day.

#17 -[N, E, D]- Russian Pidgin inspired by Kyakhta and speech of Asian
merchants at Kiev markets.
Tway dfka shpka shker, khad kup shba! - Your girl is so beautiful,
come buy her a fur-coat!

#18 -[N/S? E, D]- Classic inspired fantasy called "Ibberish" :) May merge
with #12.

#19 -[N, E, D]- Yarrunda Kani. One more "exotic blend", this time
Australian-styled. I still hesitate: shall I merge it with #14, or shall
this one consume the others?

#20 -[N, B, G]- Kumanzha. A Turkic language with certain Slavic influence.
Alternative history. Polovtsi (Cumans) adopted Christianity, made an
alliance with Kiev Rus and survived till our days. The former Kumanian
Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic is now an independent state between
Russia and Ukraine in wide steppes between Don and Donets rivers (btw, my
homeland in *this* world). A sample phrase: Per mana kinigin! - Give me his

#21 -[N, E, X]- an idea to design a conlang directly from Proto-Altaic

#22 -[N, E, G]- an unnamed project with Siberian flavor. Starting point is a
Proto-Tungus Swadesh List, and nobody knows what shall be mixed to it.
Ugric? Korean? Suggestions are welcomed.

#23 -[X]- found only a piece of phonology (with nasal diphthongs) and a
note: " la Native American? cf CLP14 and CLP11"

#24 -[S, E, D]- looks like something inspired by Native American langs: uchi
ngra tippekw. - I drank cold water.
I'm afraid I'll make one lang of all my exotic sketches one day...

#25 -[S, E, D]- surely inspired by my acuqaintance with the Khmer language.
See note above.

#26 -[S, B, D]- Lweng Chet. An Indochina-styled project from parallel Earth.
All I have for now is quite dubious phonology.

#27 means "To be continued"...

I also see that a couple of projects are not yet in the catalogue.
I should mention:
- a private language Sanggari Falar, designed together with my wife Elena in
1993 and completely lost in computer crash. Till now I remember only a few
phrases like "Me aymari ten" (I love you) and "Usm bil san hao"
(Everything's gonna be all right);
- chaotic notes on small pieces of paper with a conlang named "Takato" that
I cannot identify;
- an idea of East Asian conlang based on common CJK heritage came to me
independently from Eamon, and he doesn't object if his Bauhinese will have

Uff, that was reeealy long. And as you see, I'm still looking for the "zest"
I can concentrate my efforts on.

Waiting for you comments,
truly yours,
Yitzik the Poisonous Snakie