>Someone distributed red and green paper hats at the
>entrance to a party. After a while, all the red hats
>gathered in one corner of the room, while all the green
>hats gathered in the opposite corner. In a moment of
>silence the two groups looked at each other and a red
>hat guy said: "I wonder what the green hats are up to."

Koestler describes an experiment carried out on teenage boys, who were
divided arbitrarily into two groups each of which was given a made-up name.
After a while both groups of boys identified only with members of the same
group, with animosity developing between the groups.  It is the same story
everywhere, whether it is the football team you support, whether you are a
northerner or a southerner...  For Koestler this predilection for organizing
ourselves into subgroups, subspecies of the human species is the Achilles
heal of mankind, an inbuilt self-destructive evolutionary design fault.  The
violence attributable throughout history to the self-assertive tendency (eg.
homicide) is as nothing compared to that attributable to the integrative
tendency (eg. the Inquisition, the gas chambers or the 6 million Russians
executed by their own Soviet system).

Kordiale, James Chandler
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