Hello! I'm Pete Bleackley, I'm an astrophysicist by education and an
engineer by employment. My interest in conlanging is from a fantasy world
building perspective, and I'm currently working on a large family of
languages all ultimately derived from "Khangathyagon", a name which
translates as "magic-language". As far as natural languages go, I learnt
French, German and Latin to age 16 at school, and am currently learning
basic Japanese.

I wonder if anybody can help me with some sound changes that I've
postulated for one of my languages. Khangathyagon (Kh like Greek chi, ng as
in English, th unvoiced dental fricative) has lots of consonant clusters,
because I wanted it to have an Old English-like phonology, and also because
it is agglutinative. In Wavoragon, these mutated into single consonants.
Here are some examples
gl -> w, fh -> v
Glafhol -> Wavol [Horseman, member of horseman tribe]
lw -> y
*Wavolwavol -> Wavoyavol [multiple number of wavol]
ly -> r
*Wavolyagon -> Wavoragon [Wavol-language]
thg -> t, nt -> ng
Khangathgevont -> Khangatevong [wizard]

The multiple number, by the way, is distict from plural in that it refers
to a definate number of items, whereas plural refers to in indefinate number.

My question is, how can I put this on a more systematic basis? Making up
ad-hoc mutations for every possible consonant cluster seem like the wrong
thing to do!
Any help will be much appreciated. From what I've seen on websites, there
seems to be a really good conlanging community about.

Pete Bleackley