Hello again. I'm now back to mail, and I look forward to participating in
the list again. I hope you all had a nice Christmas and New Year (or
whatever holidays you may've been celebrating since mid-Dec!).

Like I said before going nomail, I've been working on a web presentation of
Tairezazh. It's not yet finnished, but it should be reasonably soon. I'm
going to need some webspace for it, so is Christophe still willing to
provide such if one asks nicely?

One thing discovered when trying to write a reasonably complete accout is
that there were alot more leaks in the grammar than I thought ... some of
these are now tightened, which's resulted in, among other things, a more
systematic system of non-personal pronouns. And a number of irregularities,
of course.


PS Can anybody enlighten me as to the etymology of the word "blackguard",
and why it, according to my sister's dictionary at least, is pronounced as
if "blaggard"?

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