On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 04:59:37PM +0000, Joe wrote:
> I'd say it's like an Ergative system that has been screwed around with.
> I actually like the system.  It's pretty clean and quite logical.  Your
> example (see/look), could be seen as a transitive/intransitive system.
> You could say the Originative is the Absolutive and the Receptive the
> Ergative, which doubles as a Dative in intransitive sentences.

Well, this analysis breaks down once you have sentences like
"city(org) I(cvy) go(v) forest(rcp)", which means "I left the city for the

> I'd actually say it is a pretty natural system...

Heh, well, I created this system as a "logical", or at least, "intuitive"
way of "fixing" the asymmetry I perceived in accusative systems. But
though it seems so natural, it still seems to defy categorization.


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