Tristan said:

>My first language, on the other hand, was total gibberish that came
>along with a script and was called 'Tristanlang' and was spoken in
>'Tristanland'. My other siblings had similar things. I'm the only one
>who ever conlanged later.

My friends would say nasty things about me in Jibberwack, which was some
Lewis Carroll-esque code. Needless to say, I'm still rather uncomfortable
with people talking in weird languages around me...

>At this point, I'll say I find word-creating the most boring, tedious
>part of the whole endeavor.

It's tedious, yet... enjoyable. In a mind-numbing sort of way. Actually, I
love deriving words from words and then words from those words and...

>For both of those, take a look at the links at
><>. Bookmark that page; set it as your
>homepage. A useful page!

Gracias/nevejo/thank you.

>Eurgh... how can anyone drink that stuff?? It surprises me that they
>still sell it. Anything that uses 'I could get used to it' as their
>advertising campaign shouldn't expect to last long.

*raises eyebrow* I've never heard that.

>(At least it's
>reasonably hard to find Down Under.)

Oh. That's probably why I haven't heard it -- I'm just an Ohioan.
I know it's off-topic, but what part of Australia are you from?

--Erin Notagain--

"I'm sorry, I just don't speak mumblish."