I've wondered about making a taxonomic language with a not-so-minimalist
root construction, that solves the problem of all words sounding alike by
using head-dropping syntax.

To invent an example,

Gom = visual
Gomardo = picture
Gombak = pencil lead
Gombakiro = pencil
Gomardobak = pencil picture
Gomardobakden = draw a pencil-picture

To say "I draw a picture with a pencil", you wouldn't use all of the entire
words, just the relevant endings. I'm not going to invent a syntax here, so
I'll just use pseudo-english.

With a gombakiro, I bakden an ardo.

On the other hand, if you said "I draw a cat, two genets, and a lion", then
you would use very specific language for the act of drawing, because there
are fewer context cues, and general language for the animals.

Ben = carnivore
Benulo = viverrid
Benulosira = genet
Benulom = feline
Benulomaka = cat
Benulomudo = lion

I gomardobakden a benulomaka, two sira, and a mudo.

At first glance, this seems to be a workable solution to the problem of
igididity in taxonomic languages. (It also offers a wonderfully fruitful
source for use of subtlety and puns.) What do you think?

"Everyone's different, except me." --Noktakanto