Here's some stuff I came up with:


Sound Changes

PIE     Quaroeth
B       V
BH      BY (P)
D        (T)
DH      DY (T)
G       ZH (Z)
GH      GY (G, KY)
GW      K
GWH     K
K       G
KW      QU
L       L(Y)
M       M
N       N
P       B
R       RR
S       SH, Z
T       D
W       SY
Y       CH

O       U, etc.
A       E, O
EI      A, O
U       U, O
I       E
E       I, etc.
EU      OE

Noun            Sing.   Pl.
Nomin.          -u      -ia
Acc.            -ur     -iar
(Indirect)              -ut     -iat
(Obj. of Prep.) -um     -iam

Adjective               Sing.   Pl.
Nomin.          -i      -ua
Acc.            -if     -uaf
(Indirect)              -in     -uan
(Obj. of Prep.) -il     -ual

Infinitive              -ien    Present         -
1S              -on     Past            -qui
2S              -id     Future          -el
3S              -ek     Imperative      Dya-
1P              -am     Progressive     -ze
2P              -aith
3P              -eiv
Present part.   -on
Past part.              -ot

Mod. main verb  -is
Mod. infinitive -ins

Simplified Syntax
(liberal wordorder)
Subject Object Verb
Question: Verb Subject Object?
Nouns precede adjectives usually.
Prepositional phrases usually come somewhere between
Subject and Verb, but
position with regard to the Object does not matter.

from root eik- to possess < oag-
conjugated oan, oad, oak, oam, oath, oav

Es ocheis guvidna, dya thuadid, thuadid anth.
If first succeed you not, do try, try again.

Ioqueu shiboti naez byeraek.
Pot watched never boils.

Thosyu diar, o shemdiar gaveiv, gavek.
God them, that themselves help, helps.

Krinyia shoua oth syazoniam kedeiv.
Things good to waiting ones come.

More will be posted on the web soon.


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