Emaelivpar Joseph Fatula:
>Not at all.  Here are some possible definitions of |obyki|.
>pretzel stick
>stirring rod for drinks
>any long handled instrument for working with food
>Now, if you don't mind ambiguity, then this is fine.  But I get the
>impression that you want Ygyde to be an easy to learn language by virtue of
>its meaning=form system.

That Thread Whose Name Will Not Be Spoken ;) has actually turned up several
good ideas.  Next one:  hyperambiguity.  I'm not so sure this could be a
workable language overall (unless the native culture didn't have any
rod-shaped foodstuff and therefore could lump them into a catch-all
|obyki|) but as a sublanguage for poetry and other literary venues, it
could be quite interesting.

English poetry (which is all I'm familiar with) often relies on the
connotations of words or the meanings of similar words and hopes that the
reader mushes the all together in his mind to get the intended resultant
mixture.  If a language had hyperambiguity (hyperpolysemy?), this sort of
technique could be even more interesting/productive/just plain complex.
The ambigious definitions would probably work out better if the options
were more varied -- say, for example, that |obyki| could mean any of
"carrot, stirring instrument, French (by way of bagette), green (by way of
zucchini and cucumber)".

At least, _I_ find it intriguing.  But then, I could be nuts.  ;)