Emaelivpa Sarah Marie Parker-Allen:
>Hello, everyone, I'm new.  My name is Sarah

Jhurilla!  Welcome!  (Late, yes, but sincere nonetheless.  Life conspires
against me as well.  :)

Emaelivpair Jan van Steenbergen:
>> I'm curious about one thing: are there many women who are actively
>> generating conlangs (I haven't found any online...)?  They seem to be few
>> and far between in this area of creative writing, though they overpower
>> other genres (e.g. almost every piece of fan fiction I've ever read, was by
>> a woman).
>Exactly one month ago, there was a whole thread about the subject. Tim May did
>a review of the list's members, and counted 271 men, 35 women, 18 unknown, and
>18 concealed.

Actually, Tim May just got the first reply in.  I did the hunting of
foreign names and the counting.  But I see how it is -- I go away for a few
days and already you're tossing out my meager contributions to the list!
Oh woe is me.  ;)  But Tim's a good man and fesses up:

Emaelivpar Tim May:
>Not I, although I did do a couple of quick calculations on the numbers.
>IIRC it was Arthaey who did the actual work.

Seriously, though, the gender demographics of this list have never bothered
me.  In fact, I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out, and even
_then_ I would never have guessed at the lopsidedness of the list until I
ran the numbers.