> I made up a new lang on the train yesterday, and there are
> two points I had questions.
> First I thought to simply leave out the voice [k] (turned to
> [g] some time ago). What do you think, could it work, when
> there are consonant clusters like -gt- or -gp- where it's
> normal to pronounce g more like [k]????

The latter is perfectly normal. Cf. Common Slavic where 'gt' and 'kt'
merged in an unvoiced sound. In Modern Russian, in /gt/ the first phone
is unvoiced, but also turned into a fricative (so we have [xt]). Polish,
AFAIR, realizes [gt] as [kt].

However, languages tend to lose *un*voiced consonants in the labial row,
and *voiced* ones in the velar. So it is perfectly normal to have a
language with a 'b' but without a 'p' rather than vice versa (that's one
of the typological arguments against the traditional PIE

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