From: +ACI-E. Notagain+ACI- +ADw-ecg321+AEA-AOL.COM+AD4-
Subject: New To List

+AD4- I'm not sure if introductions are traditional here, but I'll take my
+AD4- chances.

They seem to be, so chance away+ACE-

+AD4- I've been interested in languages for as long as I can remember, and tried
+AD4- to create one when I was 11, before I had even heard of conlang or even
+AD4- Lord of the Rings (which, to this day, I have never been able to read, but
+AD4- I speak some Quenya and Sindarin anyway. +ACo-shrugs+ACo-). The +ACI-language+ACI- I made
+AD4- wasn't really a language at all, just a collection of Spanish, Kemetic and
+AD4- Hawaiian words used as a code for English.

This happens a lot when people are starting off.

+AD4- In the few years since then I've gotten even deeper into languages, and
+AD4- recently (read: about six months ago) discovered that not only do a LOT of
+AD4- other people make languages, but there're names for the different types
+AD4- communities of people who do this.
+AD4- Naturally, I was (and am) ecstatic to find other people with the same
+AD4- interests -- I've been boring my friends and family, trying to teach them
+AD4- Meistei and Pr'ii.

My family has gotten used to the +ACI-conversations+ACI- that consist of me telling
them about the neatest language feature the world has ever seen, and them
nodding their heads for a while.

+AD4- My particular areas of interest are creating the words themselves,
+AD4- by scripts, followed by grammar and pronunciation (tie).

What do you mean by pronunciation?  If the spelling of the language is
phonemic, then this should be easy.

+AD4- Thanks for any help (and I hope I'm not too hard to understand -- I'm
+AD4- suffering from a Dr. Pepper overdose),

I'm not going to ask.

+AD4- --Erin Notagain--